Venous disease

A common condition affecting up to 1 in 500 people typically resulting when the valves in the leg veins stop working properly

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Venous disease is a condition that typically affects the veins in the legs. The term is used to describe a broad range of conditions that may include varicose veins, swollen legs (oedema) and in more severe cases, open leg ulcers on the lower legs.

Venous disease normally occurs when the valves in the veins stop working properly. Ordinarily the blood in the leg veins is helped back to the heart by a combination of movement (walking) which activates the ‘calf muscle pump’ and the presence of one way valves in the veins.

In people with venous disease, the valves in the leg tend not to work as efficiently as they should and this results in more blood collecting in the leg veins which leads to an increase in pressure in the veins. This increase in pressure can result in the presence of varicose veins, the legs will often become swollen (oedema) and tender, and the skin may feel dry and itchy.

Venous disease must be diagnosed by a healthcare professional that will provide a thorough examination and advise the best course of treatment. Venous disease is a chronic condition which cannot be cured; however, it can be effectively managed. It tends to be a progressive disease, so the earlier it is identified and treatment begins the less likely it is to impact you in the long term.

The most common and effective way to manage venous disease, is with the application of compression (pressure) therapy with Comfipression Leg Ulcer Kits.

Compression therapy can;

  • Help the return of excess fluid in the limb back to the bloodstream
  • Reduce the pressure in the leg veins
  • Magnify the effect that movement (walking) has on the blood flow
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